M&M Duel of Champions: Forgotten Wars

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Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars is a standalone game for X360 and PS3. Although it shares many similarities with the PC/iPad versions, they are different games.

Note: This is a buy-to-play retail game.



SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN: A 30-mission campaign follows the epic story of the Forgotten Wars. Battle challenging AI opponents in both duels and puzzles.

RANKED MULTIPLAYER: Fight your way up the global leaderboards, with an improved ranking and matchmaking system that offers eight levels of progression on the way to becoming a Champion.

POWERFUL DECK BUILDER: A complete and upgraded deck builder experience comes to console, giving you the freedom to build the decks you want. Use a wide range of filters to find and organize your cards.

UNLOCK ALL FOUR SERIES: In addition to the entire base set of 300 cards that you get when starting to play, there are also four other series of cards available: Void Rising, Herald of the Void, Forgotten Wars, and Five Towers. Over 650 cards to collect!

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