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Monria is a horror-themed 3D MMORPG, based upon the Cthulu Mythos and set within the Entropia universe. An ancient and incomprehensible evil has been discovered: are you mad enough to unravel the dark mystery that awaits?


Cthulu-Based World: Might mythos entities alone or with allies, explore strange and terrifying places, and even own your own shop or home on this planet.

Sandbox Style: A world in which the community makes meaning of it all, participate in complex player economies based on trading, crafting, and exploration.

Real-Cash Economy Model: Like other Entropia Universe worlds, Monria operates on a real-cash backed economy where you can earn real money through in-game currency.

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    Monria is a 3D Cthulhu Mythos MMORPG. Using the advanced, well known CryEngine2 graphic engine, it features beautiful graphics ready to compete with any MM

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