Move or Die

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    Those Awesome Guys

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    MOBA, Other

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Move or Die is a 2D platforming MOBA developed by Those Awesome Guys where up to 4 players can battle against one another in a variety of mini-games with different rules. Players will need to make sure that their blob-like character is constantly on the move, otherwise their health bar will start to deplete when they are standing still and eventually result in death. This mechanic of constant movement acts as the basis for a massive number of game modes for players to compete in where they will only have about 20 seconds to abide by the game mode's rules. Only by outplaying your opponents and surviving can you win matches, earn points, and ultimately win the game.


Player-Determined Match Sets: Each game is a series of short, intense matches that are randomly selected from a player-defined pool of match types where the winner is determined by whoever reaches a set amount of points the quickest.

Local and Online Multiplayer: Prove your worth online or in-person on the couch, but just make sure you still have the same friends when you're done playing!

Level Editor: Build your own levels to show off to your friends and challenge them with.

Dailies: Daily activities and missions will give you even more experience points so you can unlock the content you have been fawning over even quicker.

Content Updates: Enjoy entirely free content updates that will bring even more character skins and game modes into play.

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