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In Mucho Party, a party game full of whimsical mini-games and experiences, players will be brought into a lively colorful world that will provide an ideal stomping ground for battles, duels, and friendly competition. In this local multiplayer game, players will find thirty unique, challenging, and wacky mini-games coupled with thirty original tunes. Designed with a skill equalizer test and a customizable facial avatar, Mucho Party tests players' concentration, reaction times, and puzzle-solving skills.


Selfie-Based Avatars: Use self-portraits to represent your in-game avatar for a cartoonish, fun twist on the gameplay.

AI Players: Hone your skills and learn the ropes against AI players. These bots come in easy, medium, and hard modes, for an escalating challenge.

Available in Eleven Languages: The game features full translation for eleven different languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and more!

Strong Musical Score: Over thirty tracks from the composer WHitaker Trebella are present in Mucho Party. Catchy tunes combine well with bright, engaging visuals.

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  • Mucho Party Trailer

    A trailer of the gameplay from Much Party, a multiplayer social game for people of all ages.

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