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Muniz Online has found a sweet spot between online games and communities: the game combines the best of these two worlds, to provide a rich multimedia experience to teens. The site is easily accessible, provides numerous forms of interaction and a real multimedia experience, delivers user-generated content and serves as a hub for social networking. The access to this virtual world is free and does not require any downloading.

Muniz Online is a free to play game for the 13 to 17 year old teens. The game is a MMO social hub with exciting features that include:

• Custom Avatars
• Pimp Out Your Pad
• Interactive Chat
• Mini-Games
• Social Networking
• Engaging Quests
• In-game Items

As players venture out on quests and chat with friends online they collect votes, the more votes they collect the closer they get to becoming The King of Muniz Online! Players can literally customize everything and express their own style portraying their ideal virtual self-representation. Beyond the social aspects of this game there are many fun mini-games that players can compete in. Muniz Online is a virtual world of entertainment and fun, so head on over and see if you have what it takes to Become the King of Muniz Online!

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