Mutant Football League

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Mutant Football League is an over-the-top gore fest sports parody of American football. What's the point in playing fair? Utilize the unsportsmanlike abilities of your monsters to bite, kick, scratch, pull hair, smash, stomp, or whatever else it takes to win the game, assuming they don't die from the stage itself first... Available for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Yin-Yang: Despite the blood splattering goodness that would make a snuff film jealous, strategical thinking is still required to win games.

Bomb Shady: Lead your team to victory with monsters which have real life counterparts like Ohell Wreckem Jr.

Weather the Storm: Try to survive against a world out to kill you with hazards like lightning, lava, meteor showers, giant saw blades, mines, traps, blizzards, and even acid rain!

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    It's time to crack skulls and bribe refs in Mutant Football League, a ridiculously over-the-top sports game.

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