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Background and worldview

“Myths & Heroes” takes Chinese classical stories and oriental myths as its background story. In this totally new background story, players will interact with gods, immortals, demons and ghosts. It will be a completely new game experience.
In the game, there are gods who appear just but are evil in their hearts; there are closefisted but honest demon merchants; there are spirit beasts which appear stupid but are clever in their mind; there are beautiful but ferocious demon plants.
Many amusing design ideas are used in “Myths & Heroes”. Players will have a new comprehension of traditional myths.

Game features

Individual costumes

The world in “Myths & Heroes” is comprehensive. You can find whatever style you like. You can wear either traditional costume or popular costume. You can perform either classical dance or freestyle dance. You can make yourself up as either a common person or a person who dyes his hair, wears earrings and sports a punk hair style.

Mysterious scenarios

In addition to ground scenarios and underground palaces, the world of “Myths & Heroes” includes numerous sky-floating islands which run in their own orbits. Whenever some sky-floating islands are in certain positions and form certain astronomical phenomena, they will influence the whole world. For example, players will obtain more Exp or rare items’ dropping rate will increase. Players can even buy the sky-floating islands, build houses, buy furniture and plant flowers. One can travel around the world sitting in one’s flying home.

Unpredictable instances

Due to the various quests and instances, players can enjoy the game in many interesting ways. A player will have different feelings when playing in even the same instance, using the same character because of many unpredictable reasons. Especially in some player-VS-player instances, the combat between players will be more exciting.

Guild system with RTS features

As in most of other games, players can establish guilds in “Myths & Heroes”. However, players don’t have to repeat quests or collect materials. In “Myths & Heroes”, the leader of a guild can appoint members to positions. Players in different positions have different work. And they will be rewarded if they can finish their work in time. The positions in a guild are limited. That encourages competition among guild members. Players’ positions are related with their capability and contribution.

Mini pet client

For adding interest in the game, a mini pet client is being developed. Players can raise pets to get various functions such as online shopping and searching resources. When the pets are grown up, they can search items automatically. That makes the game more interesting.

Unique aspects

Basic system

“Myths & Heroes” adopts Object Software’s 4th generation five-element system. The attributes of each of the five elements reflects a certain capability or effect. For example, metal element affects the basic damage of a character. After joining a guild, the character will be much more influenced by the five elements. For example, some guilds will provide special training so that players will increase their rate of deadly attack against monsters by increasing their metal attributes.
There are three classes in “Myths & Heroes”. But it doesn’t mean that players can only play the game in a mere three ways. They can create their special characters by trying different talents, skills and sub-skills. Therefore each class has several sub-classes. With collaboration of players, various ways of playing the game can be created. For example, usually an assassin is regarded as a person who can cause a lot of damage. But players can increase the dodging talent and develop the related sub-skills of assassins. Thus assassins can be like tanks who cannot be hit.

Stage system

Stages in “Myths & Heroes” are special. For example, for searching an important map in an underground palace which is occupied by a lot of monsters, players can either kill the monsters to get it or infiltrate into the palace to steal it.

What’s more, the server will record the time which the players used for finishing the quests in the stage. And players will be rewarded according to the time they take. The server can also plentifully reward the top three players who finish the quests fastest in regular time. And the reward will be announced to all players. Therefore, players can take the stage quests again and again to challenge themselves and to improve their ranking.

Pet system

Pets in “Myths & Heroes” will help the players a lot. The pets will help the players with their living skills such as operating the storage chest. How delighted a player will be when he is helped by his pet if he picks up a rare item but has not enough inventory space!

There is an independent mini pet client. With this client, players can gain Exp, items and so on without logging in the game.

Social system

“Myths & Heroes” is also a channel through which players can communicate with each other. Players can make friends or swear to be brothers. A player can even send an item on which the creator’s name and his best regards are carved to his friend. How thrilled the player will be when he receives such a gift! A couple of lovers can build their home on a sky-floating island like a hanging garden. How romantic it will be! With this social system, players can form guilds, form alliances or enemies or group regiments to seize castles or resources.

A talent sub-system is available in the social system of “Myths & Heroes”. Everybody in a social organization has his capability attributes. A player can be a leader, a manager, a constructor, a diplomat or a spy.


A paladin is both strong in attack and in defence. His HP, MP, and dexterity are developed in balance. They are adept at all kinds of weapons. Paladins can either fight in close combats or endure damage at the front of teams. They can also launch harassing attacks on the flanks of enemies. Paladins have various combat skills with which they can help team members very much. Therefore usually a paladin is the leader of his team.


Assassins always live in the shadows. They are hunters and terminators of life. They never go about their work with any emotion. Only cruel assassins can complete their missions. To be an assassin is dangerous and exciting as she can possibly be killed because of a tiny mistake. But assassins’ lives are never more important than their missions. After passing all tests with payment in blood and lives, assassins become experts in the skill of assassination.


The world is formed by the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Any change in the world is aroused by the promotion and restriction of the five elements. Initially, only gods can control the five elements in the world. They use this ability to operate the rules of change of everything in the world. Later, some people got to know the secrets of the five elements and began to control them. Those people are the wizards. Wizards indulge in the power of the five elements and are eager to possess greater power and more magic. For this purpose, wizards travel around the world to search all kinds of secrets. After passing all kinds of tests, the wizards become as powerful as gods.

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