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    Picaresque Studio

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    2D Historical, Strategy

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Nantucket is a seafaring strategy game taking place in the golden age of American whaling just after the events in the classic piece of literature Moby Dick. Continue the pursuit after the great whale as the surviving Ishmael sailing around the world accumulating prestige, landing jobs, and taking adventures wherever the wind blows. Available for Windows.


Into the Depths: Discover and unveil the secrets behind Moby Dick and work to dissolve Ahab's terrible curse.

Ahoy Captain: Manage your ship and her crew by delegating tasks, improving functions, and expanding various capabilities in true RPG fashion.

Man Overboard: Protect your ship from feisty pirates by engaging in tactical turn-based combat.

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    Pick up where Moby Dick left off and sail across the globe creating a legend of your very own.

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