Napoleonic War

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    Playful Games Holdings Ltd

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    Browser Based

Napoleonic War is a free MMORTS that offers the best in strategic empire building. The game is set in the "Napoleonic" age of Musketeers and Howitzers. Being placed in a persistent real time world, you enter with a single city placed randomly in one of the countries of 18th century Europe.

You must build up your armies, rank and prestige to attain the respect and loyalty of fellow players. The game is full of economics, diplomacy, and warfare. Empires rise and fall before your eyes as you take part in this ongoing struggle for supremacy! The Realms of Power and Toulon Battle System are two very unique, must try features that players do not want to miss. Another great feature is hunting famous military officers to join your side; these historical figures are able to expertly lead player armies to the pinnacle of the power.

These delightful features fill the game with intense and exciting fun for all.

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