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Navy Force is the first web-browser based RTS strategy game focused on naval warfare. It is a free-to-play browser game, providing a great experience to players by allowing them to build and manage their own naval force no matter their computer specs.

There are 7 Nations available for the players to select from. Each Nation has unique characteristics related to their naval bases.

After you develop your naval base by selecting a Nation and continent, it is then time for you to expand your territory by occupying Secret Islands which appear randomly. Players can interfere with others by sending troops on missions such as fleet attacks, air-raids, spy infiltration, recon scouting, and more.

Forming an alliance with your friends is the ideal strategy for protecting your acquired bases in Navy Force. Also there are multiple mini-games available for you to enjoy with your friends. Besides being a nice diversion, they also offer tangible rewards such as bonus experience to your officer units.

A good prospect of Navy Force is that it requires actual strategy and pre-planned formations to succeed in combat. You will need to take more time in setting up your troops than the typical browser based strategy game. Battle methods are suitable for both light and competitive players.

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