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    Komar Games

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Nebula Online is an old school sci-fi MMORPG based upon space ship building and space exploration. Choose your own race, profession, and build your own ships and dive straight into deep space! Watch as the conflict between the technologically advanced Humans, the primitive bio-mechanical Borguzands, and the ancient Kriptizids unravel.


Customize and Build your own Space Ship: Nebula Online offers players the unique experience of fully designing and building their own space ships! The ship building shipping is split into 5 modules, where each module can be replaced with others of the same category. This system allows for both maximum choice  and also the opportunity for players to build according to the needs of the particular mission at hand.

Space Warfare and Colonization: Nebula Online allows players to come together with their friends and allies to operate their own colonies, with their own laws and organization. Yet, to maintain these colonies, alliances must conquer territory to secure precious resources.

Diverse Space Worlds: Nebula Online offers the players not one, but three separate space zones, each with their own special characteristics. The Small Space is a safe zone where players cannot be attacked. On the other hand, the Grand Space is a free zone, where conflict may arise at at anytime. Furthermore, there is also the highly hostile Alien Territory, where any hostile trespassers would be attacked.

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