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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Neo Steam is a Steam punk Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by Joyimpact and published by Hanbitsoft. Neosteam is a full 3D game with lush graphics that will surely enhance your gaming experience. You can choose from four different races and also contains 4 jobs with sub jobs for class diversity. Steam rides are also one of the best features of the game. You can choose from the basic Steam balloon to Steam Submarine to Steam Zeppellin and more!

The story mainly revolves around 3 kingdoms at war for the Neo Steam. Each kingdom will have the chance to own Rope Isle, the largest Neo Steam source. Join and be part of the Neo Steam world and let the Steam Wars begin!

Key Features: //Special Features//

Unique Storyline
Neo Steam boasts some unique story line for all the fantasy MMORPG gamer out there. With its unique steam punk theme, gaming would never be the same.

More race to choose from!
There are four races to choose from - Humans, Elf, Form and Beast. Each race has its own specialty so feel free to experience it all.

More classes to choose from!
Neo Steam offers 4 main classes with 2 subclasses each for more character diversity. It is up to you to discover these great classes and used it with ease.

Vast Quest System
Good news for the quest lovers! Neo Steam offers more than 100 quests to do!

Cool Rides
Neo Steam contains new and exciting transportation for Neo Steam gamers

Cool Pet System
Enjoy the cool pets that will aide you in your battles!

RVR (Realm vs. Realm)
This unique feature pits kingdoms to own the Neo Steam Generator. It’s a massive scale war between kingdoms!

Game Background Story //Concept//
During the ancient times, Maestros were able to create Steam Receiver. These receivers are the tools that stores Neo Steam to provide energy. Soon afterwards, the king, fearing of the maestros’ uprising, sent the maestros to the deserted island full of Neo Steam, Rope Isle.

One day, Rope Isle suddenly sank in the sea. All the ancient technology disappeared with the sinking of Rope Isle. 3 Continents rose from this incident -Elerd Kingdom, Rogwel State and Takshan Union.

Suddenly, Rope Isle resurfaced and the 3 kingdoms found themselves looking at the same Steam Receiver from the past. Driven by the huge hunger for power and energy, the once neutral kingdoms started an all out war for the rightful ownership of the Steam Generator. With this conflict arising, the steam war has just begun.

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