Nether Online

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    Phosphor Games

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Enter a world of destruction and decay where the final remnants of humanity fight for nourishment to get through another day. Nether forces players to unite to survive an unknown horror known as Nether with the ability to mold into the shadows, jump, teleport, and attack your senses to make its human prey fall victim. In any confrontation with the beast, there can be only one victor, one survivor. But perhaps the humans living in such conditions have been twisted into beasts more dangerous than even the supernatural? The survival of yourself and your fellow players rests in your hands in this horror MMOFPS.


Modern Setting, Post-Apocalypse Style: Explore a post-societal United States themed after the West Loop of Chicago complete with high rise structures and plenty of dense flora to use as cover.

Hardcore Servers: Permadeath your thing? Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush when every move can be your last.

Hunter or Hunted: Face a horrifying foe that will make you second guess your own reason and senses.

64 Player Servers: Enjoy the thrill of survival in a massive multiplayer world designed to make you feel alone. Little do you know others are just inside the window or digging in the garbage down that alley.  Each noise might be a new friend.. or a deadly enemy.

Voice Chat Support: Reach out to your fellow players without taking your hands off the keyboard. Never drop your guard.. or your weapon!

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Game Videos

  • Nether – Creature Mode Trailer

    Nether introduces crafting, trading and a new creature mode for players to terrorize the streets as their own nether monster.

  • Nether Motorcycle Trailer

    Phosphor continues pushing Nether Online closer to launch state and this week they reveal a speedy new motorcycle mount.

  • Nether Live Action Trailer

    Pre-order Nether now to reserve access for you and a 72 hour pass for a friend in time for Halloween!

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