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If you love the classic Facebook game Words With Friends, then you are sure to enjoy Zynga's New Words With Friends on iOS as well! Enjoy the competitive nature of Words With Friends that you love with new features such as a word of the day, smart matches, and performance statistics! Even if you are without Internet access, fear not. New Words With Friends also includes a solo mode for players to continually sharpen their minds and skills in preparation for any new adversaries.


Smart Matches Smart matches now give players the option of competing with others at a similar skill level, ensuring a challenging, yet fair match every time.

Performance Tracking New Words With Friends enables players to track their improvement and performance.

Word of The Day In an effort to help players expand their vocabulary, New Words With Friends includes a word of the day for players to learn.

Dictionary For those looking to truly drink from the pools of knowledge, New Words With Friends has a dictionary to look up words in.

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