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NexusTK is a friendly community run game with an evolving storyline of war, magic, and myth.

Enter a virtual world and discover the hidden secrets of The Kingdom of the Winds. Become a devote citizen of one of the three kingdoms -- Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang -- or reside as a neutral wanderer of the wilderness. Choose your path of a valiant warrior, a cunning rogue, a powerful mage, or a healing poet. Then band together with a group to solve arcane mysteries and discover treasures kept away from the Nexus' greatest foes.

In a family friendly atmosphere, you can become a legend! The Kingdom of the Winds has a unique PVP system where players engage in fast paced battle. Spruce up your skills and become a hero in daily carnages, bloodlusts, elixir wars, and fox hunts. Outside of the arena are tons of areas to hunt and gain experience to boost your strength in the game. There are many crafting abilities such as carpentry, jewel crafting and food preparation to choose from. Learning these skills will not only help you attain higher levels in the game, but will also give you the funds to build your character.

The Kingdom of the Winds is also home to a multitude of roleplayers. When you become more accustomed to the Nexus, you may choose to join a subpath and/or clan that is led by players of the game. Each subpath is unique and has its own practices in the Nexus. Warriors may choose to become a honorable Chongun, a skilled Do, a rage-filled Barbarian, or a devoted follower of the blue dragon Chung Ryong. Poets may choose to follow a path of solitude with the Monks, of art with the Muse, with nature with the Druids, or of devotion to guardian Hyun moo. Mages can choose to become diviners, geomancers, shamans, or followers of the mighty phoenix Ju Jak. Rogues can choose a path of hunting and tracking with the Rangers, of espionage with the spies, of riches with the merchants, or of stealth with the mighty Baekho.

Ride upon the Winds; discover your own legend!

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