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Nidia is a free-to-play fantasy browser game developed by iGameMore. In Nidia the Order of Dragons is back at their evil attempts to wipe humanity out of the fantasy world known as Nidia. They almost succeeded in their first attempt and surely wouldn't be starting a second attempt if they weren't prepared. It is now up to you to combat the Order of Dragons once, but this time you've got an ace up your sleeve. Can you us the Dragon Rings to end the war on humanity once and for all and stop the Order of Dragons' dastardly plans?


Automated Systems: With automated pathing and automated grouping systems you'll find yourself easily working your way through level after level.

Guild Content: Join up with or create your own Guild of players to gain access to new types of content that solo players can't really experience by themselves.

Timed Dungeons: Take on dungeons with other players to earn some exciting new gear, but don't lose track of time while you're exploring. You'll only be able to enter for a limited amount of time, so make the most of it while you're inside.

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