Night of the Full Moon

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    Giant Games

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Seek out granny, solve the mystery of the haunted forest, and seek the truth about the corrupt church in the rogue-like deck-building adventure Night of the Full Moon. Available for Steam, iOS, and Android.

Business Model: Free-to-play base game with unlockable features.

Microtransactions: Yes - Unlock additional playable classes.

Key Features:

Classes: Base Classes: Knight, Ranger. Premium Classes: Magician, Apothecary, Nun, Witch, and... one more (spoiler).

Rogue-like Progression: Each play-through is different with randomly generated encounters.

Choices Matter: How you play can influence your story.

Deep Story: You won't get all the story with a single playthrough as each boss will give you a different piece of the puzzle.

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  • Night of the Full Moon Trailer

     Night of the Full Moon is a story rich rogue-like deck-building adventure game that puts you in the role of Little Red Riding Hood as she tries to uncove

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