No Heroes Here

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    Mad Mimic Interactive

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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No Heroes Here is an upcoming free-to-play 2D co-op game developed by Mad Mimic Interactive for PC and will be available for download on Steam upon release. The Kingdom of Noobland is at war and its heroes, gone. With the death of the last hero, it’s up to the Non-Heroes to save the Kingdom! Across the Castles of the land they must defeat horde after horde of enemies through teamwork and resource management. Only the most cooperative players will be able to fend off their enemies and save their castle from turning to ruins. How will your team fare?


Resource Management: Collect different resources to create different kinds of ammunition to blast your enemies away with.

Teamwork: You must be a true teammate if you want to save your castle. Go wherever you are needed to lend a hand, whether it be resource collection, crafting ammunition, or cleaning cannons.

Classic Enemies: Fight off melee, ranged, specialist, and mini-boss enemies. Some foes are going to be extremely tough to drop while others might cause a variety of effects to take place.

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