Not Another Royale

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    Schmidt Games

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Not Another Royale is a streamlined 3rd-person shooter featuring a variety of multiplayer and single-player game modes.

Business Model: (Presumably) Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: Currently Unknown

Key Features:

Take Your Pick: Be the last man standing in Battle Royale, quickly eliminate the opposing team in Deathmatch, steal an objective in Capture the Flag, blow up a target in Search & Destroy, or mow down waves of the undead in Zombie Survival.

Free Hat: Unlock a variety of character customization options over time.

One Man's Garbage: Scavenge the environment for weapons, attachments, and other beneficial equipment.

Topped Off: Manage inventory space and health points in the heat of combat.

Petal to the Metal: Dive into the driver's seat of a vehicle and speed your way to the center of the quickly closing circle.

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