Nova Blitz

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    Dragon Foundry

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Nova Blitz is a real-time trading card game that draws inspiration from Magic: The Gathering while implementing a fast-paced gameplay.


Real Time: Each turn is simultaneous and real time with short turns. Not only does this reduce gametime, it also introduces new responsive elements and increases the difficulty of play.

Five Aspects: Build your deck from one of five energy aspects: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. Each aspect has its own distinct play style.

Competitive Play: Battle other players in intense matches and prepare yourself for the annual Nova Blitz Championship. There's always a tournament to compete in.

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Game Videos

  • Nova Blitz Steam Trailer

    Nova Blitz is a real-time card game on Steam, and is also coming to mobile. More than 300 cards await your command!

  • Nova Blitz Trailer

    Want a real-time card game on Steam? Nova Blitz might be the answer!

  • Nova Blitz Kickstarter Video

    Nova Blitz begins its Kickstarter Campaign today and running till August 20.

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