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Occupy White Walls is a unique, free-to-play MMO that lets you design your very own art gallery or museum. Created by StikiPixels Ltd, out of London, OWW's mission is to make art more accessible to everyone, artist and fan alike. Currently available on PC and Steam Early Access.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Not yet, but may be added at a later date.

Key Features:

DAISY: The Discover Art Intended Specifically for You AI, or DAISY, will suggest art to you based its observations of your preferences.

Level Up: As you purchase art for your collection, you'll increase in levels, and earn more credits when you open your own gallery. Watch as NPCs browse your displayed collection and wander the halls of your gallery.

Collaborate: Want to work with a friend? Well now you can add permissions to others so they can modify your gallery as well.

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