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Oddria! is a 3D top-down online multiplayer action game pitting teams of shipwrecked adventurers against each other in a battle for treasure and survival. Gone but not forgotten, you and your crewmates have been stranded on a loot-filled island until help can arrive. Fight your rivals for a piece of the pie and return home super rich!

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Microtransactions: Currently Unknown

Key Features:

Workshop Wonder: Explore and interact with your surrounding environment for everything you'll need to survive. Craft daggers, guns, tongues, and more for the edge necessary to get and stay ahead of the competition.

Knock Knock: Don't let this golden opportunity pass you by, steal or uncover gold and other goodies to secure your future off the island.

The Big Three: Take your pick from a variety of hunters including pirate-daughter Lexie, timid knight Woody, or Robert, a runaway frog from a peculier circus.

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    Team up with your fellow treasure hunters and fight for a lifetime of riches together!

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