Odin Quest

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Odin Quest is an MMORPG based loosely off of Norse mythology. Choose from one of five classes, and build your skills and stats accordingly. Gather powerful artifacts and weapons, upgrading them to make your character even more powerful. Delve into mysterious and dangerous dungeons, face off against mighty bosses, and compete against fellow players to become a powerful hero.


Five Character Classes: Choose to be a warrior, mage, priest, assassin, or hunter. Each class has their own mount to obtain, too. Group up with others to cover any weaknesses you have.

Equipment Upgrade System: Become more powerful by improving the loot you obtain. The higher you upgrade, the more powerful you will become.

Daily Quests: Become chosen by the gods, and receive substantial rewards. Each day you perform the quest gives you a chance at items that can be exchanged for powerful artifacts!

Player vs. Player: Face off against others by marking yourself available for matches. Challenge your friends and strangers alike to show off your skills.

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  • Meep

    Customer Service sucks. Phones or Fax don’t work. (Not even updated on site.) Lots of copied work, nothing original. 0/5.

  • Grimmwood

    Actually a nice and addictive lil game. Definitely worth a try, and wayyy better than Wartune

  • james jones

    game is ran by scammers, u buy gl its a month to get it , they offer rewards for spending money u never get them, they advertise reward gift for events where u spend money u dont get them, the devs are a bunch of idiots they cant pull off a descent maintenance , the helpers only log in to register their ip addresses to get they payment of gl on their main accounts the gms are useless they dont do shit the gms that do try to help get transfer to another game, players harass bully gang up on other players they dont like in hopes of getting them to quit gm says its ok because it s a pvp