Of Kings and Men

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    Donkey Crew

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    3D Medieval, Strategy

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Of Kings and Men is a buy-to-play 3D medieval combat game developed by Donkey Crew for PC and is available on Steam Early Access. In Of Kings and Men players can experience huge, player-driven medieval battles with over 200 players at a single time. You will need to capture territories, eliminate your foes by any means necessary, and engage in skill-oriented combat to help your team come out on top. With battles of epic proportions and heart-pumping combat, Of Kings and Men should not be overlooked.


Massive Battles: Fight in skirmishes of over 200 players that will have you marveling at just how epic your battles are.

Directional Combat: Fight against other players by changing the directions of attacks and blocks with your mouse, making combat that much more skillful and rewarding.

Choose How You Conquer: Don't think combat is the only choice you'll have to defeat your foes. You can also use political and economic means to bring your opponents to their knees.

Weaponry: Different kinds of weaponry can be used by your character, each of which will be more effective than others in particular situations.

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    Of Kings and Men is the latest PC MMO setting its sights on massive medieval realistic warfare. Early Access is set to arrive August 25th!

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