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Are you ready, young oni, to rise? The world has all but fallen into the hands of the demonic realm and the time for the Oni to demonstrate their power has come. With your eight companions, and countless friends, you must now venture out to face the Kamigui and their hidden leaders, the Goikkou!


Action Combat: Experience active aiming, dodging, and a plethora of weapons as you take on some of the most engaging combat within the realm of anime styled MMORPGs.

Partner System: Choose from one of eight partners, each offering powerful buffs and varying fighting styles. Train and build each partner to your liking as your relationships grow.

Change Weapons on the Fly: Don’t be bound to your starting class choice. Players can swap weapons on the fly to adjust their fighting style to a given enemy.

Customize your Character, your Way: Beyond aesthetics, you can choose your stat allocation to master a given weapon set, or become a jack of all trades. With so many viable options, it is unlikely you will find a fellow oni sharing your same combat style.

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