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Origins of Malu is a story-driven sandbox MMORPG. The game features a classless leveling system, letting players specialize their characters however they see fit. Combat is dynamic and varied, with monsters and bosses learning your techniques over time. This means you must vary your combat style to suit each encounter. The entire world is influenced by player actions, from the economy, to the ecology, to the state of player-versus-player conflicts. Origins of Malu strives to be the top sandbox MMORPG on the market.


Story-based Sandbox: Origins of Malu gives you the power to explore as you like, however, the world has a rich, dynamic history behind it, told through a powerful storyline.

Dynamic World: Your actions carry weight. Player actions matter in the long run, determining a variety of aspects. Players can build houses and towns, control various factions in game, and more.

Classless Leveling: To keep with the open theme, there are no classes in Origins of Malu. You are free to develop your character however you choose. Specializations also exist for those who want to play a traditional role, however!

Unique Crafting Systems: Crafters can also get in on the action, creating a variety of items used in housing, or tweaking magical spells for extra oomph or additional effects.

AI Controlled Quests: Quests are there to drive a story, and the AI in Origins of Malu is set to do just that. Quests are dynamic and varied, all of which delve into the history and anthology of the world you're in.

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