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Oversoul is a card battling MMORPG from Artix Entertainment. You battle against monsters, defeating them to have the chance to use them in battle against other players. Each battle revolves around the use of attack, defense, and special cards, dealt randomly from your deck. Special cards take unique consideration, as they have a wide variety of effects that can turn the tide of combat. With a wide variety of creatures to use, masters to find, and competition to be had, Oversoul is an entertaining option for the competitive player.


Unique Characters: There are several different types of creatures to collect in Oversoul, from humanoids, to dragons, and more. Finding a type that works for you is key!

Card Based Battles: Each deck contains attack, defense, and special cards. Using your special cards wisely is the key to victory, as their effects are powerful and varied.

Player Versus Player: Not only will you be able to catch and level monsters, you can also compete against fellow players. Use your guile and wit to overcome your opponents!

Browser Based: Nothing to install or download. Ever! Wherever you are, you can capture new monsters, or compete against other players.

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