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Title Genre User Rating  
HolicFantasy80%Official Site
Zero Online
Game Thumbnail
Sci-Fi80%Official Site
Cronous OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
EverQuest 2
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy89%Official Site
Decayed of ZombiesFantasy70%Official Site
ExteelSci-Fi90%Official Site
Phantasy Star UniverseFantasy80%Official Site
Lands of HopeOther71%Official Site
MedieviaFantasy60%Official Site
Thule – Beyond the borderFantasy70%Official Site
Anarchy OnlineSci-Fi80%Official Site
Solar Empire InfiniumOther80%Official Site
War of NationsOther62%Official Site
Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy60%Official Site
Priston TaleFantasy90%Official Site
Hockey ManagerSports59%Official Site
Audition Dance Battle Europe3D Music/Dancing80%Official Site
9Dragons Online
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy79%Official Site
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Game Thumbnail
Other, Free To Play89%Official Site
Industry PlayerStrategy50%Official Site
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
DrasilFantasy60%Official Site
Wurm Online
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Pirate King Online
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy, Free To Play80%Official Site
ArindalFantasy80%Official Site
TinywarzStrategy80%Official Site
Woshu-MoshuFighting47%Official Site
SherwoodFantasy80%Official Site
Dark Eden: Cataclysm
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy, 2D Fantasy, Free To Play90%Official Site
Star SonataStrategy90%Official Site
Wizard WarsOther70%Official Site
Gunbound InternationalFantasy80%Official Site
XenimusFantasy79%Official Site
Entropia Universe
Game Thumbnail
Sci-Fi, Free To Play99%Official Site
Socio TownFantasy80%Official Site
Granado Espada
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
HovorunRacing79%Official Site
Warrior EpicFantasy80%Official Site
Wonderland Online
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
Phoenix Dynasty OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
Gods War
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
Oasis SourceFantasy40%Official Site
CypherSci-Fi80%Official Site
Star Wars GalaxiesSci-Fi80%Official Site
AtorianSci-Fi40%Official Site
WDX – the GameSci-Fi50%Official Site
The Matrix OnlineSci-Fi70%Official Site
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy70%Official Site
Kingdom of LoathingOther80%Official Site
Ninja WarsOther70%Official Site
FurcadiaFantasy50%Official Site
F1 ManagerRacing80%Official Site
Legacy of the Holy CastleFantasy70%Official Site
Final Fantasy XIFantasy90%Official Site
FairylandFantasy90%Official Site
Pirates of the Burning SeaFantasy80%Official Site
Eastern MobStrategy80%Official Site
Vanguard – Saga of Heroes
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
vbGOREFantasy70%Official Site
Starquest OnlineFantasy60%Official Site
AstrowarsSci-Fi70%Official Site
RYL2: Incomplete UnionFantasy90%Official Site
DimensioneX Free Game EngineOther70%Official Site
MediWarOther50%Official Site
Neocron 2Sci-Fi90%Official Site
Lords of LegendOther80%Official Site
Priston Tale 2Fantasy89%Official Site
Quantum LegacyStrategy80%Official Site
FaldonFantasy80%Official Site
Tales Runner
Game Thumbnail
Racing90%Official Site
Dreamlords: The Resurrection
Game Thumbnail
Strategy80%Official Site
Splash Fighters North AmericaFighting80%Official Site
WorldShiftStrategy70%Official Site
Hellgate LondonFantasy90%Official Site
Asda StoryFantasy80%Official Site
ImperiumAOFantasy60%Official Site
World of Warcraft
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
Land at WarFantasy60%Official Site
Avelia Pet AdventuresFantasy60%Official Site
Hero OnlineFantasy90%Official Site
War Rock
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Martial HeroesFantasy80%Official Site
X-KingsFantasy70%Official Site
KAL OnlineFantasy79%Official Site
Race War KingdomsOther80%Official Site
HelbreathFantasy50%Official Site
The Five PillarsOther80%Official Site
ToadwaterFantasy80%Official Site
Shattered Light OnlineOther70%Official Site
PanfuFantasy70%Official Site
Project PowderSports89%Official Site
Battlefield Heroes
Game Thumbnail
Shooter80%Official Site
Neo SteamFantasy80%Official Site
Elf OnlineFantasy70%Official Site
Drift CityRacing90%Official Site
Nostale GlobalFantasy79%Official Site
City of Heroes
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
Second Life
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy, Free To Play70%Official Site
Last Chaos
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy, Free To Play80%Official Site
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