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Perpetuum is a sci-fi MMORPG. Its setting is a far away planet inhabited by robots. A unique feature of Perpetuum is that while most other MMORPGs run multiple parallel servers, we have only one persistent, single universe.

Background story

In the not-too-distant future, a strange anomaly opens the gates of the universe for humans. With this new technology, energy, information and atomic size objects can be transported to anywhere in space.

The most intriguing of all new discoveries is an Earth-like planet, where humanity discovers a new source of energy, vital to its unbroken advancement. However, this planet is inhabited by a synthetic, robot-like life form. Their technology and resources are the goal of humanity's new conquest.

Players may take part in various areas of the project. They may fight on the front lines for new territories, develop the already established infrastructure, trade goods or services, or even set their own goals and set up their own corporations.


Formable Planet Surface: The entire terrain in Perpetuum can be formed for military, agricultural, or aesthetic purposes.

Dynamically Changing Resources: Respawn of raw materials means that flora, minerals, and other materials are constantly changing.

Time based character development: Experience is gained even as you're not logged in, preventing any need for grinding.

Player driven economy: Exploitation, refinement, and manufacturing are entirely controlled by players.

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