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TransForce (Transformers Browser Game) is a massively multiplayer Strategy and Role-playing Online game based on the Transformers movie. In TransForce, there are two factions-Autobots and Decepticons.

To start with your Transformers journey, you will have to register an account and choose either Heroic Autobots or Evil Decepticons to play the game. You can construct a capital planet and begin to develop the infrastructure and Robot Camp and then make some research in the tech center, like Geology, Drilling, Mining, Penetration Scatter and suicide.

Like some mainstream browser-based game, TransForce also requires you to build resource buildings and produce resources like Metal, Crystal, and Matrix. Etc. After your reputation or development points reach higher, you can train your robots and make your robot strong by transforming your robot and attacking enemies.

Assemble all alliance members to launch a Joint Attack
- Freedom to perform Shape-Shifting and Transformations
- Make a Free Trading Agreement to trade your resources
- Diversified Attacking gameplays: ammunition, armor-piercing, energy, scatter and suicide
Visualized 2D Map
- Personalized Mission System and Expedition quests
- Instance Exploration
- Aggressive Tribal War
- Bounty Hunt
- The Most Wanted System
- Player's Achievement and Server Achievement
- Dependency System
- Arena System

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