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    UTV True Games

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Sky Legends is a cute remake/rebrand of the XBox Live Game "Snoopy Flying Ace". The game offers a low threshold for new players to get in while also offering a bunch of granular customization for experts to really specialize their planes. When we first saw it in action at GDC2011 we were quite impressed by the game and we look forward to being able to tell you more when we get our hands on a test account.

Sky Legends is a browser-based, free-to-play, online multiplayer flight combat game featuring intuitive flight controls, intense aerial combat, and outstanding graphics! With a wide range of PvP game modes, upgradeable and customizable air planes, and a full range of unique weaponry, Sky Legends offers endlessly replayable short-session gaming. Compete as a lone pilot or with a Squadron to sharpen your skills and prove once-and-for-all that you are the top ace!

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  • Sky Legends Teaser

    Take to the skies in a wide range of unique and customizable airplanes.

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