Fairy Story

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Fairy Story Online pictures a large-scale 3D MMORPG game with the background of fairy story. A group of people will stand out when the justice was threatened by the dark force, who name themselves the Hunters of the Darkness. People call them Clover Hunters. This time, the dark force stages a comeback, but where are the Clover Hunters? People start to panic… A group of people who hold their beliefs and dreams start their adventure and begin the journey of becoming Clover Hunters.

In this game, there are six different characters with different styles and characteristics, the main professions are brave, sympathy and naughty. The brave one chases for great power, and puts all his energy in practicing self-attack and defenses. His future aim is to be a fighting adventurer. The sympathy one has the curing ability, both his intelligence and constitution are better than common ones, and he hopes to protect this destroyed world with his own power. The naughty one likes to explore secrets of the nature, and get intelligence to promote his skill in this process. He can use preeminent magic power.

There is a good layout in the game interfaces with smooth operation. What’s more, there are many humanized designs, which make the game of great fun. For example, the system of automatically path-finding: When you complete the task, simply click on the name of the quest NPC you are going to hand in your quest, your character will automatically come to the NPC. Auto monster fighting system: this system can help you free from the tedious upgrading for faster upgrades.

Interactive system of Fairy Story Online is very rich, and you can care for each other and help each other. The friend system is not for relatives but the members are more than relatives. And in the class system, members are for the same goal to link with each other closely there. You will no longer be alone in the game, you can go further in the game.

You won’t feel boring in the game, as one major feature, pet system will accompany you. Under a warm environment of the community made by friends and hunter class, you can collect many lovely pets with different attributes and styles. After collecting resources, you can cultivate and improve pets. A pet with better attributes can be obtained by synthesizing pets, and you even have the opportunity to get a rare pet. During the period of cultivating, pets can compare deficiencies by fighting with each other to prepare for the future battle. Fairy Story Online is free-to-play and suited for the casual gamer who just want to have a good time.

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