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WARSTORY - Europe in Flames is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer strategy game set during World War II. Players command their own allied companies, consisting of powerful combat units and individually specialized heroes. Dynamic real time battles demand quick and tactical thinking. But in the end the combined forces of thousands of players are needed to liberate Europe successfully: Berlin must fall!

Your Mission: Liberate Europe! Europe is aflame: Choose your faction, fight side by side with your friends and decide WW2! You want to make history? Then sign up now forWARSTORY - Europe in Flames and experience real time battles in your browser!

-MMO-Strategy with large scale cooperative gameplay
-Play dynamic real time battles on 50 unique battlefields
-Specialize your heroes and execute powerful abilities
-Over 50 different units and thousands of equipment items
-Earn achievements and medals and become a living legend
-Experience large scale cooperative game play in a fully persistent world: Liberate Europe with thousands of fellow soldiers and comrades
-Play dynamic real time battles, using exciting combat tactics and powerful officer-abilities - like the devastating Airstrike or the aggressive Blitzkrieg
-World War II approached in a fresh stylistic presentation
-Choose your faction: US Army or Sovjet Forces
-Earn challenging achievements to build up your commander into a living legend - over multiple seasons!
-Build up your individual company of heroes with strong combat units and powerful equipment
-Complete special missions for your faction's high command throughout Europe
-Recruit and level up officers to create powerful specialists
-Collect rewards and obtain new equipment from your supply depot
-Chat with your friends and allies in real time or use the messaging-system to drop them a note

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