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Phantasy Star has been Sega's signature RPG series and a favorite of fans for 19 years.

Of those games, 2000's Phantasy Star Online saw particularly enormous popularity as the first network RPG for home consoles, and received the top prize from the 5th annual Japan Entertainment Software Awards. Over the past five years, PSO has been brought to various consoles and today is still enjoyed
by countless users.

Now, combining the story elements of Phantasy Star and five years of network-RPG experience with Phantasy Star Online, the fully-loaded, all-new Action RPG Phantasy Star Universe is born!

Phantasy Star Universe contains both a "Story Mode" for the single player and an online "Network Mode" for multiple players. Online battles take place in real-time as players collaboratively fight together. In the players' room, each player can create items, and create and customize their own Partner Machinery which is a robot that holds items retrieved in the field, and more.

The Stage is Set for this Large-Scale, Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG:

Somewhere in space, four races coexist on three planets in the technologically advanced Gurhal System. This sci-fi/fantasy story begins with Ethan, our young hero, and his enlistment into the GUARDIANS, an interplanetary security force.

Battles tinged with conspiracy... ancient ruins holding dark secrets... the true nature of these worlds... Together with your companions, a battle with a formidable enemy begins, and an epic drama unfolds.

The story follows Ethan, and the growth of the young hero...

Stylish Action with a Variety of Weapons for Exciting, Visceral Combat:

The real-time action combat features deep RPG customization, and over 70 enemies to blow away!

Choose from over 20 categories and 200 varieties of diversified weapons, and the powerful and stylish photon arts, to crush wave after wave of enemies.

Real-time action combat with over 70 weapons!

There's More Than One Way to Play!

Go Online and Join a Squad to Discover the Deepest Secrets of the Phantasy Star Universe!

By connecting to the network, a deeper story will unfold before your eyes.

Create and customize your own original character with the PSU Character Creator, which offers an infinite number of character variations. Then explore expansive worlds with cities populated by thousands of other unique characters.

The world that evolves on the network is like no other, allowing you to experience your own unique adventure!

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