Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie

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    Netmarble Games

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    2D Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie is a F2P adventure role-playing game taking on a distinctly Norse-mythology theme. Explore unique environments, solve tricky puzzles, and engage in fast-paced combat eventually going head to head against the Mad King Odin to save your mother!


Gacha!: Collect and upgrade from 100s of phantoms to aid you in battle.

Revealing Secrets: Travel to various locations such as beautiful forests and brisk tundras uncovering the stories and narratives hiding just beneath the surface.

To Be the Best: Craft the perfect team and showcase your strength against players from around the world.

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  • Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie Trailer

    Recruit and enhance powerful phantoms to save your mother from the chief of Norse mythology himself, the Mad King Odin.

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