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Picaroon is an MMORTS taht takes place in a futuristic post-apocalyptic Earth brought straight out of the Waterworld movie. Kingdoms battle over islands and resources while shady deals are made over the purchase of the few remnants of advanced weaponry from the last days of modern Earth.

The key to Picaroon is simple. Find an island and settle it. Build up your island's defenses and begin extracting resources. Use resources to build boats. Use those boats to conquer more islands or prove your worth and join a stronger alliance for protection. Eventually the dark siders, an advanced remnant of modern Earth will emerge from the dark side of the globe in an attempt to colonize your lands. Stand together with your allies, and even your enemies, to survive this devastating final nuclear assault!

Picaroon is unique in that it plays out like a game of Risk. No matter what happens, eventually the pieces will return to the box and the world will begin to play out anew.

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  • Picaroon: The Way of War

    Picaroon is an RTS MMO that plays out like a game of Civilization. Fight to control your islands and prepare for an apocalyptic finale!

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