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Enter the near future in a country called Korogese, a country strife with conflict. Korogese rose from the ashes of the conflicted early 21st century with one goal in mind, create a nation of peace and prosperity. However in their attempt to create a utopian society, the founders of Korogese failed to foresee the strength of the corporations that fed and grew in this oasis protected from the hardship of war. Now these corporations have taken control of Korogese and pooled their resources to found Aegis Inc., an elite fighting force dedicated to build Korogese into a shining beacon of economic power, by disarming the citizenry and implementing the laws as they see fit.

In response.. The Corps consisting of the milita's responsible for protecting Korogese in its early years have united to topple the corporations that have grasped control over the region. And civil war ensued.

Piercing Blow will test your skills as gamer with fast paced action and precision shooting. Choose your allegiance, The Corps or Aegis Inc., and enter a world of wild sophisticated weapons, diverse body armor, and dozens of mission modes to test your tactical mind.

Piercing Blow's maps are designed to force players into unique situations where not all strategies are viable. Some may force you into hand to hand combat situations while others will favor sniper rifles and aim.

By completing missions, you will also gain medals that can be exchanged for better weapons and character stats. This will allow you to customize your character's proficiencies to make you truly devastating with your weapons of choice.

Piercing Blow has shown great dedication so far in constantly adding new maps, new content, and new weapons. Jump into the fray in this first person shooter you won't soon forget.

(Piercing Blow is also known as Point Blank and Project Blackout in other territories.)

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