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Pirate Maidens is a free iOS title from Aeria Games. You put together a deck featuring some rather scantily clad, endowed pirate women, and fight for one of three different nations. Each nation has a different focus: swords, guns, and magic. You can play through each faction's storyline at any time, and won't lose progress. Battles are fought using the cards you've built your deck with, until you or your opponent has exhausted their life points.


Over 300 Maidens: Choose from a wide variety of beauties to join your fight. Each one has different strength and abilities.

Card Based Combat: Put together a deck that synergizes well, and victory will come along easily to your crew of buxom buccaneers.

Three Nations, Three Stories: Each nation is after the legendary pirate queen's treasure. Change between kingdoms at will, without losing your progress at all!

Guild System: Team up with others to take down opponents! Each guild member you have buffs your damage greatly. See how you compare to your friends!

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    Pirate Maidens is a card game featuring over 300 sexy buccanneers to collect and battle.

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