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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Pirate101 is an online adventure featuring airships, various worlds, and exciting combat. You create a pirate, and customize your ship with sails, cannons, and more. With quest-driven play, you'll unlock even more rewards, like more ships to take control of! Travel between worlds to discover the various treasures and adventures that await you.


Five classes to choose: Will you be a dreaded buccaneer, a skilled musketeer, a supportive privateer, a dashing swashbuckler, or a mysterious witch doctor? Each class has different skills and styles that players can use to help each other.

Brand new combat style: Combat in Pirate101 is similar to that of a board game. Place your pirates and use skill and strategy to out maneuver your opponents. Use various powers in combat to turn the tide in your favor, or to press your advantage further!

Companions: Earn your first companion, unique to the class you start your pirate as. Find or purchase additional companions as you play, each with a different look and feel to them. Each companion has special powers and abilities to help you in combat. They can also be trained and promoted as you see fit.

Variety of ships: What would a pirate game be without a shipyard full of options? Various levels of ships are available through quests. Feel free to customize your ship with sails, anchors, cannons, and even display your very own pirate flag. Ships aren't just for travel, either. Engage your opponents in fierce ship-to-ship air combat as well!

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