Planar Conquest

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    Shortbreak Studios

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    Fantasy, Strategy

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Planar Conquest is a buy to play 3D fantasy 4X strategy game developed by Shortbreak Studios intended to be a reimagined, improved version of its predecessor Worlds of Magic. It is currently available on iOS, with expected Q2 2016 releases for Android, PC, and consoles. In Planar Conquest players can become a Sorcerer Lord, using their power to lead one of 8 different races to total domination. You will be able to traverse multiple planes of existence, raid dungeons for loot, expand your armies, cast spells, and summon magical creatures to do your bidding on your quest!


City Conquering: Take over cities to expand your empire and improve upon them in 50 different ways to to turn them into fortresses.

Sorcerer Lord Customization: Choose between 40+ different character traits for your Sorcerer Lord and master over 300 spells from 13 different schools of magic.

Mysterious World: Traverse multiple planes of existence and explore each of them, revealing their own unique riches, secrets, and dangers.

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