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Planet Explorers is a 3D sci-fi sandbox adventure game developed by Pathea Games for PC, Mac, and Linux and it is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. It is the year 2287 and a human colony ship has crash landed on the planet Maria in an entirely different star system. A few of the colonists managed to survive the crash landing in some lifeboats, but the planet they've discovered is far from forgiving with its fierce, otherworldly creatures. It won't only be the human survivors that want to preserve their own well-being. Now the remaining survivors must work with each other to stay safe and healthy while attempting to create a new home for themselves.


Various Types of Content: Singleplayer games have three different game modes: Story Mode, Adventure Mode, and Build Mode. Multiplayer games can be of two types: either Co-op or Versus.

Procedural Games: Every game is procedurally generated from a seed that will give you tons of unique experiences and play-throughs.

Survival Activities: You'll need to do everything and anything you can to survive. That means farming, ranching, building, making tools, building colonies, and conducting diplomacy.

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Game Videos

  • Planet Explorers – Launch Trailer

    Pathea's Planet Explorers is a unique sandbox arriving on Steam today! Check it out!

  • Planet Explorers Beta 0.1 Trailer

    Planet Explorers Beta 0.1 is here! Ready to create your own adventure? Make your own unique sandbox experience, and get all the details here.

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