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Planet of Cubes is a mobile RPG created by SolverLabs. Players can team up with other players from all over the world and chat with each other, rent areas in the game world and build all kinds of creations together.


One Big Planet: One global infinite Planet made of cubes available to all users across the world.

Social Interactions: Rent your own chunks of land, build and chat globally.

Themes and Costumes: Try out over 160+ player made skins, 7 themed skin packs and two different block texture packs to choose from.

Effortless Online play: Multiplayer works over Wi-Fi and 3G connections. No need to setup and/or host a server and no subscription fees required.

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Game Videos

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    Lots of useful updates coming in Planet of Cubes 3.4 Update! From new weather to a slime block that you can bounce on, this video shows it off for you. Ful

  • Planet of Cubes Promo Video

    A huge survival mode was added to the already endless fun of Planet of Cubes! Check out their latest promo video!

  • Planet of Cubes v3.2 Promo Trailer

    Planet of Cubes showcases pets, the Halloween update, and team play in this trailer.

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