Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes

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    EA Games

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Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes is the next evolution in the popular PVZ franchise by Popcap and EA Games. By mixing up the PVZ world with superheroes, players can build a crazy team of characters to do battle with. Embark on a journey to discover new characters, and confront mighty opponents along the way.


Collect your heroes : Collect and choose from 20 unique Plant and Zombie Heroes and unlock their lawn-inspiring super powers.

Form Your Team: Build yours and diversify your skills by collecting teammates – from the PvZ characters you know and love, to daring new plants and zombies.

Adventures Galore: Journey through the universe of PvZ Heroes as each action-packed skirmish takes you further along an ever-blooming map.

PvP Mode: Test your team when you take on other players in exciting real-time matches. Earn rewards for defeating your bite-iest adversaries, and build your bank when you complete Daily Missions.

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