Primal Carnage

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    Lukewarm Media

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Primal Carnage is a multiplayer first person shooter where players can compete against each other in a clash between man and beast. While the game's theme is heavily influenced from films as Jurassic Park, Primal Carnage creates unique scenarios with heart stopping action and gloriously memorable moments as the fight for survival reaches an all-time high. It’s kill or be killed. Hunt or be hunted.

Note: This is a buy-to-play retail game.


Team-based combat: Both teams must cooperate with their teammates and use various strategies in order to hinder their opponents.

Humans vs. Dinosaurs: Players can choose to play as either humans or dinosaurs, both of which have five playable classes with distinct weaponry, abilities and skills.

Asymmetrical gameplay: Combat plays out in a 1st-person perspective for humans and a 3rd-person perspective for dinosaurs

Community-driven development: Content and DLC is primarily based on community feedback to help shape and improve the game even after release.

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