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Prime Arena is an upcoming free-to-play survival MOBA game inspired by PUBG and developed by Nival for PC that can be downloaded on Steam. In Prime Arena players are entirely on their own and must fend for themselves, eliminating the forced socialization found in many other MOBAs. Victory is fully dependent on your own personal skill and reaction speed, meaning there is nobody to blame for a loss but yourself! The only person that matters in the end is you, so keep your interests at the forefront in Prime Arena!


Alliance/No Alliance: You decide whether you can trust someone else with your back. You never know who might betray you, so keep a wary eye and don't be afraid to lone wolf it!

Shrinking Maps: As the game progresses the map will shrink, forcing players closer together to encourage action. Be ready to run into anyone at a moment's notice!

No Waiting Around: Hate games where you have to wait for the match to finish to play again? Not in Prime Arena! If you're eliminated then you can dive right into a new game and get back to what is most important - actually playing the game!

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