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Project Genom is a buy to play sci-fi MMO shooter developed by Neuronhaze for PC and Mac that is slated for an early access release in May 2016. Project Genom puts you in the role of one of the survivors of an ecological disaster on Earth and as such you must embark on an intergalactic journey to protect humanity's interests on new planets. Each planet will have exciting environments for you to explore and foreign creatures you will need to fend off, but don't think it is just that easy. The worlds you encounter will be living themselves and change with game progression. Do you think you can help protect humanity on an excursion throughout a lively universe?


Living Universe: The universe will change as you and other players progress through the game, causing creatures to evolve, new global events to emerge, and unlocking new unique skills for you to use.

Varying Roles: Work as a lone wolf or join a group of other players to combat enemies. You can engage foes with your mental abilities, firearms, or get up close and personal with them.

Vehicles: Personal vehicles will help you explore planets easily and don't need to be protected from your enemies.

Crafting: Craft items like weapons, exoskeletons, and trinkets that will be useful to you in all stages of the game.

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