Pumpkin Online

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    Pumpkin Interactive

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Pumpkin Online is a farming and dating simulation MMORPG, inspired by casual classics like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Craft, gather, farm, quest, and socialize in a friendly environment.


Unlimited Character Creation: Choose from a wide diversity of skin tones, hair styles and colors, and gender - including non-binary options.

Socialize, Date, and Marry: Meet and socialize with other players and NPCs. You can even form relationships and marry NPCs, and same-sex marriage is an option too.

Varied Professions: Take up fishing, mining, cooking, crafting, farming and other activities and professions.

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Game Videos

  • Pumpkin Online March Trailer

    Pumpkin Online's March Trailer sure is interesting! It's part farming, part dating sim MMO!

  • Pumpkin Online – Demo Alpha 11

    A game that combines the best parts of Harvest Moon and  Animal Crossing is in its alpha phase! Check out this demo of Pumpkin Online!

  • Pumpkin Online Demo Alpha 6

    Pumpkin Online offers a new alpha build demo, showcasing new animal textures, cooking, and more.

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