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Puppet Guardian is the result of the unique sensibility of its creator, Kentaro Ishizaka, and his vision for a fresh, unique, and richly immersive game experience. The game’s animation style is idiosyncratic and fun. Its rich, diverse, and extensive catalogue of items are detailed and beautifully rendered. One of the game’s hallmarks is that, over time, players develop interesting and singular characters that are unlike any others.
Puppet Guardian is the world’s first game that combines massively multiplayer online role-playing with board-game play.

Players move through the game by rolling dice. This familiar board game format, where movement depends on random dice rolls, combined with the fact that there are seven different towers, makes every player’s path through the game unique. And it is this path that determines the items a player begins to collect and use: the weapons, the gear, the clothes and, especially, the combinations thereof. This is how the game ensures the development of a unique identity for each player’s avatar.
In Puppet Guardian, success depends on cooperation. There is no competition between players. Players combat Monsters as they journey to acquire new materials and powers and the outcome of these journeys depends on the ability to form teams to pool resources and skills. The game design enforces a quality of openness and friendship between all players that is uncommon in the online role-playing world. This makes the game an uncommon pleasure to play.

Puppet Guardian rests on proprietary software called Cold Gate that enables large simultaneous multiplayer usage and allows Puppet Guardian players to use a single character in multiple Cold Breath game environments. So avatars and their unique qualities are portable within all Cold Breath game environments.

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