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    Supergiant Games

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    2D Fantasy

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Pyre is an action role playing game taking place in a high fantasy setting where you meet 3 wandering exiles on a mission, a mission to cleanse their souls by killing other exiles, available for the PlayStation 4, and Windows.


The Rite: Combat takes place on a battlefield of sorts where each character is manually controlled with the goal being to launch an orb into the opponent's Pyre.

Purgatory: Experience the lore behind the land of the lost.

Supergiant: From the esteemed creators of Bastion and Transistor.

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Game Videos

  • Pyre – E3 2016 Trailer

    Supergiant Games, makers of Transistor and Bastion comes Pyre, where you free your fellow exiles from a mystical purgatory, if you have the skill!

  • Pyre Reveal Trailer

    Join a band of exiles, as their strategist, as they travel the land slaying other castaways in an engagement named the Rite.

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