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In the early days, when the SageLord had just begun to build up the country, the people of Midland were living in misery and the land was desolate. Thugs and bandits roamed freely within the country, and its borders were besieged by four foreign nations. And so, the SageLord had set about plans for rehabilitation, which were to remove compulsory military services and instead encourage farming. After every effort to develop the prosperity of the country, a powerful dynasty had finally emerged. During that time, the country had defeated the ethnic group, Qiang Wu from the West, and put down the six tribes and chased the bandits away from Dadonghai Bay.

But they say when a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course. The glory days of Heaven Dynasty had come to an end. The Heaven Dynasty’s successors were not as contributive or dedicated enough as SageLord himself to the country; instead they indulged in lavish, extravagant lifestyles. The crafty ministers saw the opportunity, used it and dominated politics and used the emperor’s name to levy exorbitant taxes, carried out brutal exploitation and harmed the people. At this dangerous moment, Princess Sofia stood forward and put the perpetrators to death, and reformed the government. She did not follow rules blindly and decided to hire young, potential Generals to stabilize the situation, at the same time she called out to the Q-world to unite and fend off the foreign aggressors together. The Princess also put out an offer, whereby she would marry the one who could save the people from suffering and recover the strength of the country.

At that moment shocking news was announced! The ultimate secret “Maxtor Memoire” that was said to have long disappeared had reappeared in the world again, at the same time, Princess Sofia had mysteriously gone missing around the area of SevenSword Town. The society rumors had it that only “Filch Saint” Bhavin knew the whereabouts of the “Maxtor Memoire”, but surprisingly he worked as the janitor of Prosperity Inn in SevenSword Town! Hence came the saying that “Maxtor Memoire” will resurface in SevenSword Town, and this once ordinary town had become the center of attraction over night! Those who possess the “Maxtor Memoire” will rule the society and the whole world! Now, the happy, strange, volatile and romantic society of Q-World has opened its doors, waiting for you to explore it!

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